Animal Watch

Animal News in Arlington, Virginia

 April 15, 2014

An animal control officer responded to a call about an animal trapped against the median on 66 Westbound. In the pouring rain the officer was able to find the adolescent opossum that came gratefully and was brought to a nearby park and released.

 April 12, 2014-6900 block of N. 26th Street

At 2a.m. an animal control officer responded to a home where a raccoon had fallen through the pull down staircase to the attic and was tearing apart the living room. The fearful residents were trapped in a bedroom awaiting help. The officer was able to locate the animal and remove it from the home safely.

April 6, 2014-1700 block of S. Edgewood Street

An animal control officer went out to pick up a stray dog that a member of the community had confined after finding the dog near a major roadway. The dog was taken to AWLA were it was safely returned to the owner.

April 5, 2014 – 2900 block S. Glebe Rd.

Animal Control received a request from a local animal hospital asking for pick up of a confined stray German Shepherd Dog.  An Officer impounded the dog for a stray holding period.  Shortly thereafter, the owner of the dog called the shelter looking for her. Turns out, the dog is a retired military bomb dog, which was mistakenly let out by a maintenance crew.  The dog is responsible for saving the lives of both her handler and other service members through her detection work.  She was returned to her grateful owner.

April 4, 2014 – 200 block North Columbus St.

Animal Control received a call from a gentleman who reported that his neighbors dog had fallen into a fox hole and they could hear her crying, but could not find her.  An Animal Control Officer responded with an AWLA staff member.  It took nearly an hour of digging, but eventually the Officer and the dog’s owner were able to pull the dog from the hole.  The hole was then filled, to prevent further incidents.

April 3, 2014 – 2200 block Clarendon Blvd.

Animal Control received a call from a woman who says that her maintenance company placed a “bird repellant” on her balcony after she complained about nuisance birds.  She reports that there is at least one bird stuck on the repellant.  An Animal Control Officer responded and found two finches stuck to the sticky substance which had been placed all over the railings of the balcony and on top of the light fixtures.  Both finches had to be euthanized due to the extensive nature of their injuries.  Maintenance was contacted about the use of the glue-based repellant.

March 28, 2014 – 2300 South Grant Street

AWLA received a phone call from a staff member at the Calvary United Methodist Church, concerned about two raccoons present on the grounds at the time preschoolers were due to arrive. An Animal Control Officer called the complainant, who reported that she observed the raccoons run away.  An Officer responded to the location to make sure the raccoons had left the area.

 March 28, 2014 – 900 block 26th Street South

Animal Control received a call from a woman who had adopted a cat from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington a few years ago.  The cat had her collar looped around her neck and chest area and the owner was unable to remove it.  An Animal Control Officer responded and assisted the owner with cutting the collar off.  The caller was educated about “break-away” collars, which release when strained too tightly.

March 28, 2014 – 2300 block of North Fillmore Street

Animal Control received a call from a woman who had confined a stray parakeet under a colander.  An Animal Control Officer responded and impounded the young bird, which is currently being held for a stray holding period, after which he will be made available for adoption.

December 20, 2013 – 1000 block North Larrimore Street

Animal Control received a complaint about a raccoon sleeping on a back porch; the caller was concerned that the animal might be sick because it was daytime.  An Animal Control Officer responded and found an adult raccoon resting on the porch.  The raccoon appeared healthy, and ran into the adjacent park when the Officer approached it. Raccoons are in the process of going into torpor this time of year.  Similar to hibernation, their metabolic systems slow down, they spend more time sleeping, and may fall asleep in odd places.

December 20, 2013 – 2200 block Clarendon Blvd.

Animal Control received a call about a hawk that appeared to have hit a large window at a Starbucks coffee shop, and was down on the sidewalk.  Officer Corcoran responded and took the adult Cooper’s Hawk to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.  Kent Knowles, of The Raptor Conservancy, evaluated the hawk and gave it fluids.  He determined that the hawk had hit the right side of its head and that it needed a few days to recover before being released.

December 19, 2013 – 3600 block North Rockingham Street

Animal Control received a call that there was a stray dog sitting in a front yard.  An Animal Control Officer responded and found an elderly dog that appeared to be blind, sitting in a yard, just enjoying the day.  The dog was wearing a collar and ID tag with a phone number.  The Officer called the number and found that the dog lived just across the street.  She is 14 years old, and wandered out the open garage.  She was returned to her owner by the Officer on scene.

December 14, 2013 – 1600 block North Stafford Street

Animal Control received a call about a bird in the fireplace.  An Animal Control Officer responded and captured a small bird.  She brought the bird back to the League to evaluate and wash away the soot.  The bird was uninjured, and returned to the 1600 block of North Stafford Street later that afternoon for release.

December 9, 2013 – 4500 block 41st Street North

Animal Control received a call that a hawk had flown into screened porch and was possibly injured.  An Animal Control Officer responded and did not see the hawk, but did find a large hole in the screen where it appeared the hawk had flown right through.  The homeowner had just put out a birdfeeder nearby.  The homeowner was educated about birds of prey.  The hawk was likely hunting a bird, was stunned when it hit the screen, recovered, and flew away.

November 30, 2013 800 Block Army Navy Drive South

Animal Control received a complaint that there was an injured animal, possibly a cat, at the 395 exit for Pentagon City.  An animal control officer responded and searched the area, but did not find the animal.

November 24, 2013 4000 Block North 40th Street

Animal Control received a call from a pet-sitter who was caring for four cats in a home and discovered a raccoon on top of a book shelf in the dining area.  Animal control officers responded and removed the raccoon and closed the flue to the fireplace, which was found to be open.  The raccoon had to be euthanized to test for the Rabies virus due to potential exposure to the cats in the home, which were not current on their Rabies vaccinations.  The raccoon tested negative for Rabies.  Animal Control Officers will be following up with the homeowners to enforce the cat’s Rabies vaccinations are provided and to discuss the raccoon’s entry into the home.

November 22, 2013 4700 Block 30th Street South

Animal Control received a call about an injured squirrel on the sidewalk.  An officer responded and impounded the juvenile, male black squirrel and transported him to a local licensed wildlife rehabilitator, who determined he had a broken pelvis, likely suffered in a fall.  He will recover in the care of the rehabilitator and will be released in the Spring.

November 20, 2013  1800 Block North Cleveland Street

The front desk received a lost report late in the morning about a dog that had escaped when a roommate left a door ajar. The Shepherd mix was spotted several times in the vicinity where it was lost, but was fearful and unable to be captured. At 6:30pm, we received a phone call that the dog was seen sitting near the intersection of Wilson Blvd and North Edgewood Streets.  A good Samaritan was able to comfort the exhausted dog until animal control officers arrived.  The owner was called to the scene and was reunited with the dog.

November 19, 2013  Intersection of Four Mile Run Drive and Columbia Pike South.

Animal Control received a call about an injured owl sitting in a busy intersection.  An Animal Control Officer was leaving the parking lot to respond when she noticed someone approaching the League carrying a box.  She inquired about what was in the box and found that the good Samaritan was bringing us the owl in question, which was found to be a Screech Owl.  It was likely struck by a car.  The owl was transported to a rehabilitator for recovery and future release.

November 18, 2013 6900 Block North 28th St.

Animal Control received a call regarding a flying squirrel in the fireplace.  An animal control officer responded and determined that there is a family of flying squirrels occupying the chimney.  The complainant was referred to a humane wildlife exclusion company that specializes in both safely removing the squirrels and once they have moved on, will also place a chimney cap on the home to prevent wildlife from entering the home.

November 16, 2013 2700 Block. South Inge St.

AWLA received a call regarding a raccoon in a closet.  The family had heard an animal shuffling around in there and hired a pest control company to trap and remove what they believed were squirrels. There were several construction flaws and entry points at the residence. Animal Control set traps to see if there were any more raccoons in the home, but found none. The family was referred to a humane wildlife exclusion company who specializes in both removing the wildlife and completing the construction required to keep the animals out of the residence.

November 14, 2013 2900 Block North Greenbriar Street

Animal Control received a call about an injured fox in the Yorktown neighborhood.  This time, the fox was seen lying down.  An animal control officer responded to find that the fox had passed away.  She removed and impounded the animal for proper disposal.


November 10, 2013  3200 Block North Wilson Blvd.

Ballston Mall security called regarding a stray dog, found in the “Noodles & Things” restaurant on Wilson Blvd.  The dog, a female Shih Tzu in serious need of grooming, was impounded and held for a stray period.  She was not reclaimed, but was adopted by an Arlington resident.


November 9, 2013 1200 Block North Powhattan St.

Received a call about a rat trapped in a toilet.  An animal control officer responded and removed the rat.

November 7, 2013  900 Block South Irving St.

Received a call from a citizen who was concerned about their neighbor’s cat—who appeared to be sick.  Animal Control Officers responded, met with the cat’s owner and confirmed that the cat is current on Rabies vaccine and is also receiving appropriate veterinary care for an eye infection.

November 6, 2013  5200 Block North Yorktown Blvd.

Caller reported a raccoon perched on top of a batting cage at Yorktown High School.  An Animal Control Officer responded and found a scared juvenile raccoon clinging to the top of the batting cage.  The officer encouraged the raccoon off of the structure using her control pole.  Once the field lights were turned off for the night, the uninjured raccoon wandered off.

October 29, 2013 3600  Block. North Jefferson St.

Animal Control received a call about a deer that was stuck on an iron fence. An animal control officer responded and found the deer had a severely broken leg and was suspended by that leg from the fence.  The animal control officer requested Arlington County Police Department assistance to euthanize the deer.

October 27, 2013   700 Block North Cleveland St.

An animal control officer responded to a call about a bat in the family home. When she arrived, she found that the animal was actually a sweatband.

October 17, 2013 National Airport

Received a call from a woman regarding a cat trapped in a wall in the foodservice area at Reagan National Airport. An animal control officer went with airport police and fire and retrieved the cat from the wall. The cat is at the shelter and is being held for the stray period. If no one claims that cat it will be evaluated to go on view for adoption when the stray hold period ends.

October 15, 2013 2500 Block Military Road

Received a call about a stray dog confined to callers back yard.  An animal control officer responded and was able to return the dog home based upon the current information on the dog’s ID tag.

September 18, 2013 5500 Block S. 7th Rd.

Received a call from a citizen concerned about a raccoon that looked sick.  An animal control officer responded within 20 minutes, but was not able to locate the animal.

 September 19, 2013 5400 Block S. 7th Rd.

AWLA received a call about a sick looking raccoon, just one block from where a sick raccoon was seen, but not captured the previous evening.  An animal control officer was able to capture the raccoon and humanely euthanized it.

September 19, 2013 2500 Block S. Clark St.

AWLA received a call about an injured pigeon.  An animal control officer responded and retrieved the banded pigeon (likely a homing pigeon), who had an injury to his chest that exposed the inside of his crop. The injury was too significant and the pigeon was humanely euthanized.

September 17, 3013 4800 Block. South 8th St.

Caller reported a stray domestic bird in his driveway.  An animal control officer responded and was able to capture the stray, white parakeet.  Parakeet was impounded and will be available for adoption after her stray date expires on 9/23/13.

September 17, 2013  5200 Block North Yorktown Blvd / Cross-street George Mason Dr.

Complainant witnessed a cat hit by a car at George Mason Dr. and Yorktown Blvd.  The caller stayed at the scene with the cat until an animal control officer arrived.  The animal control officer transported the cat to VCA Alexandria for treatment.  Upon arrival at the hospital, the cat was scanned for a microchip, which was found.  The owner had adopted the cat from AWLA. The owner was contacted and met the animal control officer at the hospital.

September 14, 2013 1800 Block South Fillmore Street

Blind dog found wandering around neighborhood by citizen. She was able to confine him safely away from traffic and he was impounded at AWLA. He was returned to his owners the next day. He narrowly missed being hit by a car according to the caller.

September 12, 2013 3500 Block of 23rd Street South

An Arlington resident called to report that three, five-week-old baby squirrels were tossed from their nest during a storm. When the animal control officer arrived only one was remaining and it was transported to a rehabber.

August 29, 2013 1900 Block Clarendon Blvd

A restaurant left their back kitchen door open and a opossum wandered in. An animal control officer removed the opossum and released it at a nearby park.

August 25, 2013 600 Block of Military Rd

A woman walking her dog on the trails by the Gulf Branch Nature Center came across an injured adult Red Shouldered Hawk. The hawk was lying at the base of a tree, lethargic with its eyes closed. An animal control officer transported it to a rehabilitator right away, who gave the hawk fluids and will continue to care for it until it recovers.

August 24, 2013 4100 Block 36th St

Four, six-week-old, squirrels fell from a nest. An animal control officer observed that the mother squirrel never came to retrieve her babies. The squirrels were approaching people and vocalizing, looking for their mother. The squirrels were kept at the shelter overnight and brought to a rehabber to be cared for the next day.

August 23, 2013 4000 Block 8th St S at Alcova Heights Park

An animal control officer captured a stray, young domestic bunny.  She is currently being held as a stray at the shelter as no one has claimed her yet.

August 15, 2013 4000 Block of S. 28th Street

A Good Samaritan found a bird stuck to a glue trap and brought the bird to the League. An animal control officer removed the fledgling house sparrow from the trap with oil and bathed it several times to remove the oil and glue. The bird was transferred to City Wildlife, a new rehab facility in D.C.

August 14, 2013 2500 Block of 16th Street N

The League received a call from a resident concerning their Savannah cat that had become stuck and suspended by its harness 30ft up a tree. An animal control officer responded along with a cherry picker from a tree company to rescue and return the cat safely to the owner.

August 9, 2013 2000 Block Randolph Street

A resident called to report that four raccoons had pushed themselves into her son’s bedroom through the gaps of a window air conditioner. The resident chased the raccoons out of the room with a broom. An animal control officer responded to verify that all of the raccoons had been removed from the property and to speak to the neighbors that had been feeding the raccoons.

August 4, 2013 1400 Block of S. Edgewood

A citizen called stating they had found a stray kitten. The kitten was transported to the shelter where it was returned to the owner.

July 29, 2013 1300 Block of N Irving St

A juvenile robin flew into a resident’s home when they opened the back door. The robin was captured and released outside.

July 28, 2013  4500 Block of Arlington Blvd.

The management from a local condo complex found a dog tied to a lamp post on their property and took him inside to the front desk. An officer arrived to pick up the dog at the same time the owner returned to retrieve the dog.

July 28, 2013  1800 Block of N Key Blvd.

Bat found on the ground outside of a building. There were no apparent injuries but the bat could not fly. The bat was transported to a rehabber for care and observation and possibly future release.

July 28, 2013 2700 N. Pershing

A citizen called stating they had a stray cockatiel in their backyard. The cockatiel was picked up by an officer and held for a stray period. It is now available for adoption.

July 27, 2013 1000 Block of Glebe Road

A juvenile rat snake slithered into the sliding door of a cleaning company’s van. An ACO removed the snake from the door and noticed that it had a small injury where skin had been removed. The snake was transported to Long Branch Nature Center.

July 26, 2013 200 Block of N Fillmore St

A robin fledgling was caught in the net of a batting cage. An ACO freed the robin from the netting and it was released.

July 21, 2013  2300 Block S. Quincy Street, Arlington, VA

During the heat wave, two adolescent raccoons wondered into a dumpster in search of a meal. They became stuck, and were noticed by a local citizen. Animal control officers responded and made a make-shift latter for the raccoons. Within an hour the raccoons freed themselves.

July 14, 2013   1400 S. Fern Street, Arlington

An animal control officer responded to a call from the Arlington police and fire dispatch regarding a dog locked in a hot car in the Costco parking lot. The inside temperature of the car had reached 110oF and the dogs temperature was a dangerous 103.7o . An excessively panting, male, shihtzu-mix was removed from the car and taken to the shelter where he was examined. He was reclaimed by his owner the next day and the owner was fined for cruelty/neglect and no county dog license.