Low-Cost Spay/Neuter

It is estimated that in order to give every cat and dog in the U.S. a home, each and every person would have to own seven pets. For example, a family of four would have to have 28 cats and dogs. We don’t know many people willing to do that!

As a result, every year millions of cats and dogs must be put to sleep at animal shelters because no one wants them. There best way to reduce the pet overpopulation problem and avoid millions more euthanasias: spaying or neutering your pet.

So why do people still allow their pets to have litters? Below are some of the excuses.

“I don’t have enough money.” OR “I just don’t want to spend the money.”

Fact: There are also programs that offer reduced-cost surgeries to anyone willing to spay or neuter.

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington offers a low-cost program for people with a household income below $60,000. We work with a local veterinarian who has generously agreed to accept greatly reduced fees for spaying and neutering in order to combat pet overpopulation. Call 703-931-9241 x200 for details.

Each year in February, the League participates in World Spay Day events, offering pet-owners who qualify an extremely low rate to get their cat or dog spayed or neutered.  Click here: AWLA 2014 Spay Day Voucher Sales to learn more about this year’s spay day voucher sales!  We are very lucky to have the participation of several vet clinics in the NOVA area participating with us in our World Spay Day vouchers sales this year  this including Potomac Spay/Neuter Clinic, NOVA Cat Clinic, Caring Hands Animal Hospital(Alexandria Location) and Arlington Animal Hospital. Spay Day Vouchers are subsidized by both the low-cost spay/neuter fund and the participating vets.  We still have vouchers available and will sell them until we run out!

The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria also has a discounted program which is open to anyone regardless of income. 703-838-4775

Spay, Incorporated, offers a low-cost spay/neuter program with participating veterinarians throughout the Northern Virginia area. There are no income restrictions. 703-522-7920

Washington Animal Rescue League offers discounted spay and neuter services to everyone regardless of income or residency.

Washington Humane Society Spay/Neuter Clinic offers affordable sterilizations in the DC Metropolitan area.

“It’s healthier for my pet to have one heat or one litter before being spayed.”
False! Going through heat actually increases a pet’s chances of developing mammary cancer, uterine or ovarian infections. Spaying eliminates these infections and reduces the risk of cancer. Neutering also reduces the risk of cancer in males.

“My pet’s personality will change.”
True! It will change for the better! Spaying and neutering helps prevent a cat or dog from developing aggressive, erratic (or embarrassing!) behavior due to territorial instincts or the drive to reproduce. They’ll be less inclined to run away and roam the neighborhood, too. Neutering your male cat before he matures will keep him from marking his indoor territory by “spraying.”

“My pet will get fat and lazy.”
Wrong, wrong, wrong! Spaying or neutering is not the reason pets gain weight. It’s too much food and too little exercise. And their metabolism slows down as they age, just like humans. Their diet must be adjusted to compensate for this.

“Spaying and neutering is ‘unnatural.'”
False! Today’s domestic cats and dogs are far removed from their wild ancestors and don’t live “naturally” anyway. There is no need for them to reproduce to preserve the species; there are too many already!

“My dog/cat won’t feel like a male/female.”
False! This is only a human issue. Animals are ruled by instinct and hormones, not psychology. Spaying or neutering them will not affect their “self-image.”

So you can see there really is NO excuse for not spaying or neutering your pet!