2014 Pet Photo Calendar Contest

Posted on August 9, 2013


Calendar Cover


Did you adopt your pet from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and want to see him or her in our 2014 calendar? Then submit your pet’s photo and let the voting begin!

Each dollar you raise will be a vote for your pet’s photo. The photo with the most votes will be our grand prize winner and will be featured on the cover of our calendar! The next top 12 photos will be included in the months inside the calendar. Everyone who receives at least 100 votes and is not in the top 13 will be included on our collage page.

Here are the rules:

1. Your pet MUST have been adopted from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. If there are multiple pets in the photo, at least one of them had to have been adopted from this shelter. If the League determines your pet was not adopted from this shelter, your pet’s photo will not be eligible for the calendar.
2. Per the contract all adopters sign, all dogs and cats must be wearing a collar and tags and all cats must be kept inside unless on a harness and leash. Please make sure the photo you submit has a visible collar and tag when possible, and no pictures of cats outside unless on harness and leash. Photos not following these guidelines are subject to disqualification.
3. If your photo won last year and was featured in our 2013 calendar, please submit a different photo this year. Please email sharte@awla.org if you are unsure if your photo won.
4. Only one photo of your pet will be eligible to win. If you submit multiple photos and more than one wins, the photo with the most votes will be featured in our calendar.
5. The voting will run August 6, 2013 through September 9, 2013. The last time to submit a vote is 5:00pm on 9/9/13.
6. Submitting your photo is free. The money is raised from the donations your photo receives. $1 donated to your page equals one vote.
7. Minimum donation is $10 which equals 10 votes.
8. If there are outstanding pledges at 5:00pm on 9/9/13 they will not count towards the final votes.
9. By submitting your photo to the AWLA you are giving the AWLA permission to use the picture in our calendar and other promotional material.
10. All pets that receive 100 votes or more will be featured in our calendar! So even if your photo doesn’t win, your pet will still have the opportunity to his or her picture in the calendar.
11. Upon completion of the contest, all winners will be emailed and asked to submit a jpeg of the winning picture directly to AWLA for use in the calendar.