Suspicious Meat Laboratory Results

Posted on September 20, 2016
In early September a resident contacted animal control to warn about meatballs her dog ate along Four Mile Run in Bluemont Park.  She immediately took her dog to a veterinarian who induced vomiting. The dog suffered no ill effects. She also collected what was left of the meat patties for animal control. The patties were sent to a laboratory for toxicology testing.
We finally received the laboratory results from the meat patties. The lab tested for anticoagulants (which would cause massive internal bleeding) and organic chemicals including pesticides, therapeutic and illicit drugs, euthanasia agents, and environmental contaminants. All tests were negative.
So the meat patty mystery is unsolved. Who left them there and why? The best way to protect dogs is to keep them on leash and to be alert to the environment. If anyone finds something suspicious like the meat patties, call animal control at 703-931-9241.