Happy New Year from AWLA

Posted on December 30, 2017

As we ring in the New Year, we at AWLA wanted to first look back and reflect on everything you’ve helped us accomplish for the animals of Arlington County in 2017.

Thanks to you, AWLA….

…established the region’s FIRST neonatal nursery and saved more than 250 kitten lives through our Kitten Academy foster program;

…rescued 788 animals from shelters across the state and region, thereby helping to promote animal welfare and create a humane community beyond Arlington County;

…spayed/neutered 1,257 animals as part of our commitment to reduce pet overpopulation;

…found loving, permanent homes for 1,366 animals – an AWLA all-time record!

Not only that, you also gave us nearly 30,000 hours of volunteer work, you helped foster 578 animals, and you attended our large community events – including our Walk for the Animals and Pints 4 Paws.

But those stats don’t tell the whole story. This community has made such a positive impact on so many individual lives.

For instance, we work closely with over-capacity shelters in Virginia and beyond to provide a second chance to animals. Pogo, a young terrier mix, was one such animal. He came to us from a rural, southwest Virginia shelter with a malformed front leg and couldn’t walk properly. Our veterinary team decided it would be best to amputate the leg and YOU stepped up to raise money for his surgery and physical therapy. Once recovered, he was quickly adopted and is now called Timmy, has a big canine sister, and his own Instagram page, @timmymeetsworld!

Then there was Moose and Wally. They came to us as unweaned kittens and were born with life-threatening eye infections and congenital defects. Not only did they need expensive eye surgery but, without a mother, they also required around-the-clock care. Thanks to you, Moose and Wally received all the love and attention they needed and were eventually healthy enough to undergo successful surgery. They are now both happily thriving in their new adopted home with two big siblings – two cats named Ralphie and Theon, and a dog named Ringo, all adopted from AWLA!

Pogo, Moose, Wally, and the thousands of other animals we were able to save was made possible because of your support – and we can’t wait to work with our amazing community to do even more in 2018!

Happy New Year!

Sam Wolbert, AWLA President/CEO