Dog Kennel Closure Update

Posted on November 7, 2019

UPDATE: AWLA Re-Opens After One Day Shutdown

This morning, the AWLA dog kennels reopened after being closed for one day. While the shelter vaccinates every dog on arrival, on Thursday, two dogs, Rolo and Slim Jim, both recent arrivals, tested positive for parvo virus, a highly contagious disease that affects dogs’ gastrointestinal tracts. It is sadly not an uncommon occurrence in shelters across the country and treatment can be costly and expensive. Rolo was immediately hospitalized at Columbia Pike Animal Hospital and Emergency Center, as was Slim Jim the next day, and both are expected to make a full recovery. Out of an abundance of caution the shelter closed for an afternoon in order to allow for a deep clean of the entire facility, and re-opened following that deep clean. Our dog kennels have re-opened today after an extra day of deep-cleaning.
It bears worth noting that many shelters throughout the country would not have been equipped to deal with the diagnosis of parvo in dogs they are caring for. For many, it would have required euthanasia due to lack of resources to cover the cost of the required medical care. The cost of care for both Rolo and Slim Jim will be in the thousands, but once an animal arrives at AWLA, the league is dedicated to ensuring it gets the care that it needs to be a healthy pet. Thanks to those who have donated to the healthy pet fund, Rolo and Slim Jim are getting that care, and thanks to the expertise of AWLA staff, the shelter is once again open for the community, with many dogs and cats waiting for homes.
In light of the significant cost of care of recovery for these two dogs, AWLA is encouraging the community to donate to its healthy pet fund here:

Urgent: out of an abundance of caution, our dog kennels are CLOSED until further notice due to parvovirus. The affected dogs are being treated and we are currently deep-cleaning our kennels. We will update you all on the situation in the coming days. Our cat room and small companion animal room will remain open as usual for adoptions.

Thank you for your understanding!