Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Posted on April 6, 2020

Hello there!

During these stressful times, many of you are relying on your pets for comfort as much as they rely on you. It is hard to put into words how much a dog, cat, or other furry or feathered companion can make things better. When I have a bad day, I absolutely cannot stay grumpy when my cat does something silly or when one of my dogs does something adorable.

With four dogs (two of which are more than 20 years old), one foster dog, a cat, and a husband, our house can be a pretty busy place–especially since our cat is the only one who seems to grasp the concept of social distancing! Spending more time at home has allowed me time for some extra training sessions, teaching our old dogs (and the cat) new tricks.

Training should be enjoyable for everyone involved and a welcome break from the current uncertainty we are all experiencing. Training can also be helpful for those of us who live in small homes with multiple pets. I’m teaching my chihuahuas that going to a dog bed and enjoying a treat is better than chasing the cat when he runs past. Perhaps you’d like to teach your cat that 2 A.M. is not time for a second dinner! I love my pets’ quirks and I can’t imagine not having my buddies to keep me on my toes!

AWLA strives to improve the lives of animals and people. We offer an amazing fear free enrichment and behavior program to keep the animals in our shelter happy and healthy, and we also offer training and behavior support for pets not in the shelter. We care about you and your pets, and want to be there for you even when it cannot be in person.

We have been planning all kinds of exciting ways to help you, so be on the lookout for upcoming classes that you can do from the comfort of home! We will also share quick tips on social media. If you need additional help, we offer private consultations. Our training methods are reward-based, making them easy, fun, and effective for all ages and species. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at training@awla.org; we would love to get to know your pet and help with your training needs.


Amy Schindler, Chief Operating Officer