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Kyoshi - adopted in May 2020

"I hadn't planned to adopt a cat this year, but when I saw Kyoshi, I couldn't pass up the opportunity of bringing her home...although she was initially a bit anxious, Kyoshi became more confident and playful in just a couple of days as she grew used to her furever home. Then, my brother and I slowly began introducing her to his cat Cersei (formerly Goose, another AWLA Arlington alum) once she became comfortable. It was a long process, but working remotely helped us monitor their progress and give them space when needed. They are now pretty much besties who will chase and wrestle each other, or watch birds and people pass by the window. I've even caught Kyoshi licking Cersei's head a couple of times, particularly to comfort her when there's a thunderstorm.

Kyoshi is a pretty laid-back cat who will fall asleep anywhere, with her fluffy belly up most of the time. She LOVES food and treats and is especially vocal in the mornings, when she'll jump on my bed, start chirping, and lick my hand or nose so that I can wake up and feed her. When I lean down toward her face, she'll often give me a "kiss" by rubbing her nose on mine.

It's safe to say that adopting Kyoshi, particularly during these difficult times with the pandemic, was a great decision. She has no idea how much joy she brings me, and I hope she knows how much she’s loved." ~ Kiara

Taffy - adopted in September 2019

"Frankie, aka Taffy, is really taking to his new home and adjusting very well! He is another mommas boy. This is him taking a nap, while his mom washes all of the dog hair out of the couch covers. So glad we were able to take Frankie home and he is able to live out his senior years in peace and happiness!"

Gunther - adopted in January 2019

“My boyfriend and I adopted Gunther from you all earlier this year, and he has been nothing but an absolutely perfect sweetheart. He's snuggly, docile, playful, engaging with treats, just a wonderful spirit that has made our lives better. He's in good hands and we thank you for all you do” ~ Alexandra