Ross-Roberts Kitten Care Fund

In 2002, Dr. Stephen Roberts contacted AWLA following the unexpected passing of his wife, Sue Goetz Ross, who just six months before had created a trust in which the League was named as a beneficiary. Dr. Roberts wished to honor his wife’s wishes with a gift and wanted to know what the shelter’s greatest needs were and how his donation might be able to make a meaningful difference. It was at that time that the Ross-Roberts Veterinary Assistance Fund was created and Dr. Roberts’ involvement with the League took root.

In time, Dr. Roberts learned that many shelters (including AWLA at one time) are forced to humanely euthanize neonatal kittens upon intake because they do not have the means to provide the intensive, around-the-clock care that this vulnerable population requires during the first four weeks of life. He also learned that this sad outcome need not be inevitable. With an organized and properly trained foster network, neonatal kittens can be both the most vulnerable shelter population and also the one with the highest save rate. Appreciating this dichotomy, Dr. Roberts established the Ross-Roberts Kitten Care Fund which, to date, has financed the research and writing of a comprehensive, now nationally-recognized, kitten care manual and training programs for neonatal kitten foster caregivers.

In 2020, with Dr. Roberts’ permission, the scope of the fund was expanded to provide medical care (which for such tiny and fragile animals can be quite costly), supplies, and support for AWLA’s kittens, and their foster caregivers.

Thanks to Dr. Roberts’ investment in the infrastructure necessary for kitten care, when AWLA founded its Kitten College in 2017, skilled volunteers were prepared to save lives from day one. The Kitten College now saves thousands of fragile lives each year, truly improving the lives of animals throughout the region.

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