Ross-Roberts Emergency Veterinary Assistance Fund

A young military family sought help from the League for their five-year-old German Shepherd dog. The dog had developed a bad cough and was unable to play and exercise as normal, all early signs of heartworm disease. Military veterinarians diagnosed the dog with heartworm disease but were unable to offer him treatment. After calling several local veterinary clinics, the family learned that treatment would exceed $1,000. Fortunately, Columbia Pike Animal Hospital agreed to give the family a special reduced rate. The League provided a no-interest loan for the dog to get the lifesaving treatment. The family makes small monthly payments to repay the loan. The dog now romps and plays just like before, and the children are especially happy to have their friend back. (All dogs need monthly heartworm treatment to prevent this potentially deadly disease that is spread by mosquitoes.)

The Veterinary Assistance program provides no-interest loans to low-income clients whose pets need emergency vet care. Residents of Northern Virginia who have a financial need may utilize this assistance. The typical amount of the loan is $150. This money can be used for initial examination, diagnosis, treatment, and medications. Money cannot be used for basic, preventive care or vaccinations, and each client must agree to have the pet neutered if it is not already. We help approximately 50 animals each year through the veterinary assistance program. You can now help us help more pets in need by contributing to the Ross-Roberts Fund.

You may make a donation to the Ross-Roberts Emergency Veterinary Assistance Fund by mail or phone or donate online, simply designate the Ross-Roberts Emergency Veterinary Assistance Fund on your form.

For further information please contact the Development Director at or (703) 931-9241 x220.