Ross-Roberts Veterinary Assistance Fund

In 2002, Dr. Stephen Roberts contacted AWLA following the unexpected passing of his wife, Sue Goetz Ross, who just six months before had created a trust in which the League was named as a beneficiary. Dr. Roberts wished to honor his wife’s wishes with a gift and wanted to know what the shelter’s greatest needs were and how his donation might be able to make a meaningful difference.

Shelter leadership identified a need for financial assistance for pet owners with limited means to pay for emergency veterinary care for animals experiencing a sudden, life-threatening health problem. Dr. Roberts learned that this simple intervention would prevent unnecessary suffering and keep pets in homes and out of shelters. That’s all it took to create the Ross-Roberts Veterinary Assistance Fund, and it has helped hundreds of pet owners to get life-saving veterinary attention for their animals when they need it most. (It also includes compensation for transportation expenses so that pet owners who qualify for assistance have the means to get to and pay for the medical care that their pets need.)

In 2020, in response to an observed need in the community (and with Dr. Roberts’ permission) the scope of the fund was expanded to include financial assistance for pets with treatable, chronic conditions, like diabetes, which can result in pets being surrendered to shelters due to a lack of access to veterinary care and the possible (or perceived) expense of treatment.

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