Shop at the League

533553_441907785873333_346004276_nAnother way to help the League is to shop for your pets’ needs in our retail section. We have collars, leashes, brushes, nail trimmers, toys, and other supplies. Many popular items are priced lower than at pet supply stores in our area. So in addition to helping homeless animals, you are also getting a bargain when you shop.

For your canine friend we carry leashes, martingale collars, and harnesses to ensure they look sharp and stay safe when walking around town. We can help you pick out what will work best for your dog. Walking your dog is important but so is play time! The AWLA Shop carries many different types of toys from traditional squeaky toys to interactive toys. Don’t forget about the food bowls and grooming items, we have those as well! 600091_441907895873322_303411561_n

For your feline companions, our merchandise ranges from fancy collars to toys to litter box supplies. All our collars are elastic or breakaway safety collars. The AWLA Shop has great toys for cats of all ages. We have fun wands, refillable catnip toys, and laser pointers! Different types of grooming brushes are also available whether your cat is long haired, short haired, or somewhere in between. We also have several sizes of litter boxes, litter scoops, and basic non-clumping clay litter on hand.

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Do you want to show your love of animals to the world? Consider our AWLA online store with apparel, bags, and other branded item. All of the proceeds from the AWLA Shop go towards supporting the animals in our care.