Rick Inderfurth is currently an adjunct professor at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs (ESIA). He previously served in the State Department in the Clinton Administration as an Assistant Secretary of State, an Ambassador to the United Nations, and oversaw Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s “De-mining 2010 Initiative” to remove landmines around the world that threatened civilian populations.

Prior to this government service, he worked as a State and Defense Department correspondent and later a Moscow Correspondent for ABC News. While there, he and his family took in a stray Russian dog – naming him Nikolai – and bought a kitten from the Moscow pet market – naming her Marieka. Both were delighted to depart the then Soviet Union for America. They were followed by more rescues – Teddy and Mr. Duke. The current Inderfurth rescue dog – Benny – is shown in the photo.  Note the fence. It was 4 and a half feet before Benny arrived. He immediately sailed over it. Rick and his wife Merrie had to build – to echo ‘Jaws’ – a bigger fence!