Pet Pantry Partners

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington supports approximately 450 families every month through our Pet Food Pantry – both through the on-site  pantry at the AWLA r and through direct shipments to those who are unable to come to the pantry in person. At  AWLA our mission is to help animals and people by providing resources, care, and protection. When you become a Pet Pantry Partner you help animals and people in your community.

Will you partner with us to keep our pantry stocked? Individuals, groups, and businesses of all sizes are invited to become a Pet Pantry Partner. Pet Pantry Partners create their own pet food donation drives to support our Pet Pantry at AWLA.

How It Works:

  • Gather your group of people who will help you collect food
  • When you are ready to get started, please complete the Pet Pantry Partner Registration Form below
  • Set a goal of how much food you want to collect
  • Set a deadline to end your food drive and reach your donation goal 
  • Get creative and work hard to collect pet food to reach your goal
  • When your food drive is complete send an email to to schedule a time drop off the pet food for the pantry.

Pet Pantry Partner Registration Form

Items needed immediately for the Pantry:

Suggested Food Drive Goals

  • Kitten Krew Goals: 100 pounds of dry pet food, 50 cans of pet food
  • Cat Chow Champion Goals: 250 pounds of dry cat food, 144 cans of wet cat food, 10 bags of cat litter
  • Puppy Partners Goal: 500 pounds of dry dog food, 288 cans of dog wet food=
  • Platinum Pet Pantry Partners Goals: 1000 pounds of dry food, 600 cans of wet food


Can kids participate as Pet Pantry Partners?
Yes, and we highly encourage it!  We just ask that a parent or guardian completes the registration form on their behalf, and helps them along the way. 

Can an individual be a Pet Pantry Partner? Or just groups?
Yes, individuals are welcome to participate!

Can I collect more items than just pet food?
The purpose of the pantry is to provide pet food to families, so we kindly ask that you focus your drive on pet food. Treats, brand new toys, or small pet beds are okay, but should not be the focus of your drive.

Will you accept opened pet food or treats, or gently used pet items?

What if I don’t meet my goal?
No worries! No matter how big or how small the drive, if one more animal is fed a meal in their home that’s a win.

Can AWLA pick up my donations?
We can’t guarantee that we will have a staff member or volunteer available to do a pick up at the end of your food drive. Please plan on bringing the items to the shelter yourself at the end of your food drive.

Where do I bring the items when my drive is done?
Shoot an email to to schedule a time to drop off your donations. That way we will have staff available to help you unload.

Can myself or my group be a Pet Pantry Partner more than once?
Yes, please!

How long should my food drive last?
We recommend setting a goal, and trying to meet it in 30 days.

Can my business/ group get a shout out on social media?
Yes! Make sure to take some photos once your drive is done, and email them to with some info about your drive.

Can AWLA help me advertise my donation drive?
We would be happy to provide you with some advertising ideas and advice. Shoot an email to Chelsea at for help.

Still have questions?
We are here to help, email Ashley at for more information on Pet Pantry Partners.