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Alabama's favorite things are: food and attention! He will show you how much he loves you with bunny zoomies and circles around you, especially if you're bringing him food. He's also an explorer and loves to climb on his hutch to scout things out. His other favorite thing is being called Al, because he's just a regular guy!

But he's not so into: boring hay. While Alabama is an easy-going guy, he's picky about his hay. Timothy hay is the preferred choice. He does not like dogs and cats making too much noise. You'll get a loud “bunny thump” if he hears them.

His special talents are: loving on you and climbing. Alabama is sweet to everyone and does not show any fear when new people come to meet him. He is a climber – this is a bunny who loves to explore up and down and all around! He's also great with kids and lets them pet and play with him. And he's nearly perfect with his litter box (minor errors now and then).

His perfect day would be: waking up in his hutch all snug with his blankie. When he hears you come in, he'll hop up on his hutch to say hello with lots of sniffs and snuggles. Next, he would ask to be hand-fed some special hay – he likes the one-on-one attention (and yes, he's spoiled because he's so cute). But don't worry, he'll then dive into his pellets and lettuce, no help needed (get out of his way!). For the rest of his perfect day, he would be off, running circles around you to show you he loves you, climbing on his hutch, or snuggling at your feet. He would end the day listening to music and checking out his toys. And he would wait for his goodnight kiss or pet before snuggling back into his hutch for the night.

If Alabama was an ice cream flavor, he would be: rainbow sherbet because he's got so many fun sides to him and he's just a sweet dude.

Important facts about Alabama: he knows how to use his litterbox mostly (his mistakes are few and small).

Alabama adjusted to his foster home quickly. He has spent time with a child and was calm and friendly. He has not met any other animals in his foster home.

If you are interested in adopting Alabama, please send an email to to arrange an initial virtual meet & greet with the pet’s foster parent or a staff member. They will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

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