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Domestic Shorthair
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About Me

Cesar's foster dad told us: “This gorgeous orange tabby is the dreamboat, big boy floofster you've been looking for. He is the perfect mix of attentive and independent, fearless and curious, with a laid back demeanor and regal good looks. He has the curiosity of a kitten with the softened demeanor of an adult male, freely vocalizes for food and pets, and engages in immediate play. Cesar is simply a joy to have around and was an instant member of the household.

Cesar's favorite things are: Wand toys, balls that make noise and that he can bat around, anything fish smelling and temptations treats.

But he's not so into: Overly stimulating play- practice basic caution when exposing or mingling the hands with toys to ensure you don't become part of the game.

His special talents are: vocalizations, engaging play, and fearless exploration. he seriously feels at home instantly

His perfect day would be: lots of play with wands and ball toys that make noise where he can chase them around the house. Window views where he can see outside or sit in the sun. And lots of quality time with his human either on or around you!

If Cesar was an ice cream flavor, he would be: orange sherbet! He's the perfect blend of silky smooth demeanor and gate with some tangy hyper play that leaves you feeling delightful after any interaction.

Important facts about Cesar: he can become overstimulated at times, so care should be taken to read his body language (ears flatten, head pulls away, tail swiping side to side) to know when to back down the play or simply give him a few minutes to calm down.”

*Cesar is best suited for a home without any other pets.

If you are interested in adopting Cesar, please schedule an appointment for a virtual meet and greet.


Adoptions are processed on a first-come, first-match basis. We book appointments up to 24 hours in advance. If you do not see an option to schedule an appointment, this means we are fully booked, but we encourage you to check back later!