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Dumbo's foster mom told us that these rats are the sweetest fellas this side of the Potomac! They are very good with each other and love to play and climb their enclosure. They have been handled and are OK being touched. They are becoming more and more curious about their foster mom every day and come up to sniff her hand and take snacks.

These rats favorite things are climbing their enclosure and snuggling together!
But they are not so into being startled, so approach them slowly and let them get to know your smell.
Their special talents are being acrobats and hanging upside down!
Their perfect day would be getting lots of treats and clean enclosure. Rats are very clean animals, and don't like being smelly.
If these rats were an ice cream flavor, they would be strawberry, their favorite treat!
Important facts about these bonded rats: They snuggle in a group to sleep underneath a blanket, but one will always come out to say hi while the others rest. They don't like to be startled, and will hide until they feel more comfortable with new people. But if you move slowly and let them get to know your smell, soon they will be waiting for you to come by with a treat.

None of the rats have met children/cats/other dogs whilst in our care. Our team is happy to discuss these topics during your virtual appointment.

*Dumbo & Giddy are a bonded pair and would like to be adopted together.