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Domestic Shorthair
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About Me

Meet this kitty through her fosters eyes!

“Kalia's a girl with many quirks. She's a social butterfly who adores pets and cuddles from everyone, but especially her humans. She will follow you around the house and want to do everything with you- from washing the dishes to making your morning coffee. She's bolts to her food bowl when it's meal time and will let you know if you're ever late. Kalia loves curling into your lap when you're watching tv and will join you during your lazy Sunday afternoon naps. She's very curious and eager to try new things so you may want to watch your food on the dinner table, it might be gone if you're gone too long!

Kalia would be best suited as the only cat in the house!

Kalia absolutely loves her play time and will explore every inch of the house (she's especially intrigued by sinks and toilet bowls). But also she's a smart gal- if you're busy, she entertains herself with her toys (and sometimes your socks if you leave them on the floor). Try to challenge her with puzzles and toys because she's a smart cookie.”

If you are interested in adopting Kalia, please send an email to to arrange an initial virtual meet & greet with the pet’s foster parent or a staff member. They will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

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