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*Sandra Lee and Maneet's adoption fees are waived due to a generous donor!

Are you looking for a cat who enjoys the company of other cats? A cat who is calm and quiet, who loves to lounge in a sun beam, or curl up next to you making biscuits? A cat who even comes with their own kitten?!

Well look no further than Sandra Lee (Sandy)! Sandy was heavily pregnant when she arrived to us, so we sent her off to a foster home to have her kittens. She had 5 of her own, and ended up adopting 3 additional orphaned kittens who needed a Mom. Sandy was a super star, taking excellent care of all eight kittens. But there was one that she seemed just a little more bonded to – her baby Maneet. When the time came for them to be adopted we knew that Sandy & Maneet needed to stay with each other, and find a home where they could be together forever.

Sandy and Maneet have lived with, and do well with, other cats. They are great companions to each other, and will be a loving duo to add to your family.

If you are interested in adopting Sandra Lee, please send an email to to arrange an initial virtual meet & greet with the pet’s foster parent or a staff member. They will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

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Maneet, In Foster

Domestic Shorthair
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I Have a Best Friend!

We need to stick together - adopt us both!