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Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 lbs fully grown)
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Zerva's foster told us:

“Zerva is a smart, energic, snuggly girl. She is clearly very intelligent from the work I have done with training her on new commands to add to the ones she already knows like the back of her paw (sit, stay, down, wait, paw, etc). She gets very attached to her person when she is indoors-she is constantly looking for love, pets, belly rubs, and cuddles. Outside on walks, she is very independent and curious. She likes every person she has met on walks. She is a brave dog-she and I go on hikes that cross water features and rough trails, and she does them very well. She has lots of energy, so she'd make a great adventure buddy for anyone who likes going on walks, hikes, and playing fetch. She also would happily stretch out on the couch next to you and nap while cuddling your legs for the whole day. Zerva has a goofy side that comes out when she plays and sometimes when on walks.

Zerva's favorite things are: cheese and hot dog bites (great training aids!); plush, fluffy, long toys she can play shake with; running through streams.

But she is not so into: sharing her home and being alone because she would rather be snuggling with you or getting belly rubs from you.

Her special talents are: LEARNING anything you want her to learn (as long as there are hot dogs in it for her). She is truly very smart.

Her perfect day would be: a morning walk or run in the woods/along a trail (extra special treat if she can play or run in a stream), breakfast, nap on your lap, afternoon game with her toys, evening long walk/run, dinner time, then quiet snuggle time before bed.

If Zerva was an ice cream flavor, she would be: mocha-latte with extra caramel – caffeine for all her energy, but sweet and warming chocolate for how cuddly and loving she is to her favorite person.

Important facts about Zerva: she will sometimes pull on leash and she is very strong. With occasional reminders and positive reinforcement, she has good leash manners. She does not mind using a crate when people are home with her, but if left alone and closed in the crate she gets anxious and breaks out of the crate. She is house-trained! Zerva has met children in-passing when on walks in my care. She is sweet to them, but will jump up to give kisses. She is interested in following cats. There is a cat in my home who Zerva briefly interacted with and I observed no concerning behavior. She will chase a cat if it runs from her (mine did) but it seems to be in play, and she walks past the neighborhood outdoor cats on walks without paying them any attention. She has played with other dogs both at the shelter and in foster's care.

If you are interested in adopting Zerva, please send an email to to arrange an initial virtual meet & greet with the pet’s foster parent or a staff member. They will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

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