Behavior Help

E-mail or call 703-931-9241

There are many reasons why owners release their pets to shelters: moving, allergies, pets not allowed, owner illness, or pet behavior problems. While we can’t keep people from moving, cure allergies or other illnesses, or make all rental properties pet-friendly, we can help owners resolve their animals’ behavior challenges.

In an effort to keep more pets with their families, the League has behavior and training advice to address basic behavior issues. Our assistance will not replace the advice of a veterinarian or behavior consultant. In some cases, their assistance may be recommended or required. League staff members have been trained to ask questions, gather information, and provide direction and referrals to other professionals when needed. Trained staff will return your e-mail within 48 hours. We also offer classes and private training sessions to help create a plan to keep your beloved pet in your home.