Kitten Proofing Your Home

Do not leave your kitten alone with rubber bands thread, ribbon, yarn or string. It would be dangerous if your cat swallowed it.

Take tablecloths off unsupervised tables. Your new kitten may want to go for a climb, with the result being broken dishes and a trip to the vet.

Keep the dryer door closed and double check inside before using it. Cats like quiet, dark places.

Tie up the strings to window blinds and tuck them behind the blinds.

Invest in covered wastebaskets when you have curious kittens or keep your trash containers under the sink or in a cabinet.

Hang toilet paper roll so that it unwinds from underneath, this will make it difficult for your cat to unwind it.

Keep the toilet lid down; cats can be fascinated by fresh water.

Be careful when you close your chest of drawers and make sure your kitten has not found the area behind the drawer. This is a very dangerous hiding spot.

Block off access to the area behind your refrigerator, sofa, or bookcase with cardboard.

Be careful to keep cabinet, closet and basement doors closed. Know where your kitten is.

If you are adopting a kitten and you have floor-length drapes, tie them or throw them over the curtain rod to keep your kitty from climbing.

Electric and phone cords should be kept away from your kitten. Spray Bitter Apple on the cords that remain visible. Your cat may be shocked if she chews on the cords or she may tip over a lamp and start a fire.

Pack away valuable knickknacks. Your cat will be climbing on bookshelves and dressers and may knock some over.

Make sure window screens are securely attached. You don’t want your indoor kitty becoming an outdoor kitty.