Congratulations to Our Volunteer of the Year: Melissa Sprott!

Melissa has been a dedicated volunteer with the League for over 12 years. She has fostered and occasionally assists at special events, but you’re sure to find her on a weekly basis in the cat room as an evening Cat Room Kennel Assistant and morning Cat Room Scrub Volunteer. Here’s what she had to share:

“I retired two years ago after 37 years in magazine and book publishing. Married to a fellow pet-lover, Michael. We adopted our Penny after fostering her for a couple of weeks. She was a 2-month-old stray found in Clarendon, and she needed eye goop while waiting out her stray period. We brought her back to the shelter in time for her spay surgery, and I saw her while doing scrub in the kitten room right afterwards. She reached through the bars, like “hey, why are you out *there*? Why am I in *here*?” So she came home with us that day.

We also found the gone-but-not-forgotten Tiger (aka Tigger in the shelter) and Mr. Morrison (aka Morris) at AWLA, and we also loved and lost Munch and Java, also cats of distinction. In the cat room, potential adopters would ask questions about kittens, and I would answer without having any real experience. When I retired, I thought fostering would be a great way to get some practice, while getting to play with kittens. Penny was our 16th foster; all 16 came through AWLA’s Kitten College.

One of the things I like about the shelter is that it magnifies the strengths of the people who work and volunteer there, and that there are so many different ways to contribute. I recently started volunteering some Scrub shifts, and am surprised by how much I like it. I love volunteering in the cat room on Monday evenings, and I particularly like checking out the dog kennel, getting the rundown on how wonderful each of the dogs is and handing out treats.

Outside of the shelter, I enjoy Pilates and Boxing classes through Arlington County’s rec system, reading, Sudoko, crosswords, and I recently got back into knitting. And I’m working on my push-ups.”

Congratulations again Melissa; we can’t thank you enough and we appreciate all that you do for the League!

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