Volunteer Program

We are extremely lucky to have such a large group of talented volunteers. New volunteer recruitment is based upon the League’s needs, which means that not every person who applies to volunteer can be accepted. Please understand that not being accepted into the volunteer program does not mean that we do not appreciate or want your support but rather that your current skills and/or availability are not a match for the shelter’s current needs.  Some volunteer assignments in need  new energy and talents while other assignments are at capacity with volunteers.

Because we have such a large volunteer program, we are evaluating our volunteer program, assessing our needs, providing additional training to current volunteers, and making additional improvements to our volunteer program.

We will not be able to bring new volunteers into our program during this time.  Please check back on this page in mid-October 2015 for an update on the status of program.  There is no wait-list for potential volunteers, so please mark your calendars to check the website again in mid-October.

We appreciate your patience and support as we work to improve our volunteer program.

You can still help and be involved the League by:

  • donating in-kind items from our wish list
  • donating money to support the League’s various programs
  • participating in our special events
  • following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and You Tube to spread the word about the great animals we have for adoption and the services that we provide.

How do I become a volunteer at AWLA?

There are a few simple steps to complete before becoming a volunteer:

1. Sign up for and attend a Tour of the League.

Please check back Mid-October for more information about our next available tour dates.

2. Sign up for and attend a Volunteer Information Session (approximately one hour). Note: You will be given the dates/times to sign up for the Volunteer Information Session after you have attended a tour of the League.

3. Fill out the volunteer application (sent to you after you have attended the volunteer info session).

4. If you are selected to move forward in the application process, you will be given the dates and times to attend additional training for your volunteer assignment.

5. Work with our staff and/or volunteer mentors to progressively add skills needed to volunteer in your assignment. Trainings with our staff and/or volunteer mentors are two-hour sessions at the shelter, and most new applicants need to attend approximately four sessions before you are ready to volunteer alone.

6. Graduate from training and get set up to officially join the volunteer program so you can volunteer independently.

7. Schedule your regular times to volunteer and join us at the shelter!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Volunteer Program at AWLA:

What do volunteers do at the League?

Our volunteers are committed to the League’s mission of improving the lives of animals.  They work closely with the public, educating future pet owners and providing customer service.  They also help to match our available animals to adoptive families and make sure that our animals are happy during their stay with the League.

Some volunteers train to work with dogs, cats, or small companion animals while other volunteers may work more directly with the public or our staff.   Note: Almost every role that involves working with animals also involves working with the public.

There are many other volunteer assignments that may not have hands-on time with the animals but are still essential in supporting the League’s mission such as:

  • General office support (data entry, making copies, putting together adoption folders)
  • General shelter support (doing dishes, laundry, sorting donations)
  • Special events assistance (fundraisers, friend-raisers, community events, Yappy Hours, etc.)
  • Animal transport (transporting League animals to/from vet appointments, driving injured wildlife to rehabilitators)
  • Adoptions Counselors (review adoptions applications and give information to prospective pet owners)

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Volunteers must be 18 years old to volunteer on their own. The League does have a junior volunteer program where children/youth aged 10-18 years old can sign up to volunteer with a parent or legal guardian. The League also has a Paws and Read Program where children in grades K-5th can sign up with a parent or legal guardian up for 20-minute sessions to read to shelter cats. Click Here to Learn More about Paws and Read.

Can I volunteer to do my community service project for my school or volunteer to meet my court-ordered community service hours?

No, the League’s volunteer program does not accept volunteers into our program for these purposes.

For court-ordered community services, please contact our Director of Animal Care and Vet Services. Ed Maher at (703) 931-9241 ext. 215  or emaher@awla.orf (may sometimes have projects and/or availability for court-ordered community services hours project assignments).

For school projects, please contact our Director of Community Programs, Jennifer Newman at (703) 931-9241, ext 213 or jnewman@awla.org  (may be able to provide ideas for community projects that you are able to do off-site to meet your hours)

What is the time commitment to volunteer with the League?

We ask that you commit to at least 4 hours per month and 1 year of service.  Volunteers who fail to meet time requirements may be dismissed from the volunteer program.

What times are available for me to volunteer?

photoVolunteer shift availability will depend on which assignment you are matched to.  Many of the available hands-on volunteer opportunities with the animals are week-day and day-time opportunities.  Other opportunities, such as special events and animal transport often have evening and weekend availability.  Almost all volunteer assignments are scheduled in 2-hour shifts.

 Junior Volunteers

Being a Junior Volunteer is a great way to develop respect and compassion for living creatures. Children between 10 and 18 years old may volunteer for certain assignments, as specified on the application, if they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The parent/legal guardian must complete all volunteer requirements.  The parent/legal guardian and child must also complete any additional required training. Parent/legal guardian and child must volunteer together and stay together in the shelter at all times.   Some volunteer assignments do not allow jr. volunteer participation.

What are the physical, mental and emotional requirements of AWLA volunteers?

Please see our Essential Capabilities of AWLA Volunteers

Volunteer Foster Parent Program

We often have a special need for foster volunteers.  Find out more about the volunteer foster program.