Volunteer Log-in

For Current Volunteers

Current AWLA volunteers can log on to check or change their volunteer schedule, sign up for new volunteer shifts, or check drosetheir volunteer e-mail account for important updates. Volunteers who have not been assigned a log-in and password or those who have forgotten their log-in and password can request that it be e-mailed to them by contacting volunteer@awla.org.

Current AWLA Off-Site Volunteers  can sign in using their volunteer number so that their hours are logged. Please remember to sign out when you are finished! Volunteers can request that their volunteer number be e-mailed to them by contacting volunteer@awla.org.

Please Note: If you have not volunteered for several months, you may not be able to log into the volunteer system, due to inactivity.

If you have problems logging in, please contact us at volunteer@awla.org.