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Behavior Tips

Why is my dog barking?

When talking about barking issues, there is one important thing we must understand: barking, just like digging, chewing, and jumping, is a normal and natural dog behavior. Our goal should never be to completely stop your dog from barking, but rather to reduce the frequency in some situations.

There are many different reasons that a dog may bark, and each requires a different solution or training technique. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Fear: barking is a dog’s way of warning off a potential threat.
  • Alert: your dog is alerting you to something, like a person at the door or an animal in your yard.
  • Attention: some dogs may bark to get your attention or because they are bored.
  • Frustration: this can happen when a dog is behind a barrier (leash, fence, window) and sees something they are interested in/scared of, etc. This can be exacerbated by boredom.
  • Excitement: when they are greeting a favorite person or another dog.
  • Separation anxiety: this is a more complicated behavior – we recommend reaching out to a certified dog trainer.

Never punish your dog for barking. Reward-based training will result in a closer bond with you and your dog as well as positive results in your training. Read more about reward-based training here.

Want tips to help decrease your dog’s barking? Click the link below.

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