Pet Training and Care

Adopting a dog, cat, or small companion animal is an exciting time. It can also be a difficult one. There is so much to learn about caring for and training your new pet and helping your pet adjust to his or her new home.

At the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, we strive to adopt pets to “forever” homes. In an effort to ensure that each adopter is fully prepared, we provide as much information and guidance as possible to ensure a comfortable transition.

This page is designed to provide the basics of pet adoption, training and care. Inside, you will find topics including:


Polite Greetings
The ‘Name Game’
Enrichment for Dogs
Teach Your Dog ‘Down’
Teach Your Dog ‘Leave It’
Using Treats in Training
Mouthy Dogs
Kids and Dogs
Dogs That Dig
Fence Fighting
Submissive Urination
Sight-Impaired Dogs
Deaf Dogs
Crate Training
Finding a Trainer
Clicker Training


Shopping List for Your New Cat
Kitten-Proof Your Home
Preventing Litterbox Problems
Solving Litterbox Problems

Small Companion Animals:

Caring for Chinchillas
Caring for Ferrets
Caring for Gerbils
Caring for Guinea Pigs
Caring for Hamsters
Caring for Mice
Caring for Parakeets
Caring for Rabbits
Caring for Rats
*Thank you to Rose Shafer for creating these informational flyers as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award!


Clicker Training for Beginners
Keeping Your Pets Busy While Working From Home