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Eco & Coco's foster dad told us: “This gorgeous pair of bonded brother's are calm, receptive, and open to interaction and play. Slightly skittish, they tend to hide in new environments until comfortable with their space and person. But once they do, you are in for an absolute treat as they crave consistent engagement, partnership, play, and pets. The key to getting to know them is keeping their space small and spending lots of time on the floor or seated with them until they warm up and get comfortable that they are safe. Once you've earned their trust, lots of tail wiggles, belly rubs, and chirps are in your future.”

Eco & Coco's favorite things are: toys and treats: spring toys, ball toys, feather toys, cardboard anything plus their favorite Tower of Tracks

But they aren't so into: standing humans, loud environments, quick movement

Their special talents are: inquisitive, affectionate, calm interactions

Their perfect day would be: Lots of napping intermixed with petting and treat sessions. These two are quite relaxed while still curious about their environment. As bonded brothers, they stay self entertained and love to cuddle up together.

Important facts about Eco & Coco: these two are young adults looking for a forever home. While they are bonded to each other, they will need additional work understanding the humans role in their world. It will take a few weeks for them to open up and let down their guard with lots of time spent in hidey beds and appearing during the dark of night for exploration and play. Once comfortable, they love to interact and wont shy away, but need additional floor and handling time to work them into lap cats. *They have not met other cats/dogs/children whilst in our care, but temperament suggest they would prefer quieter homes. They would do best with older children and adults. Our team is happy to discuss these topics during your appointment.*

If you are interested in adopting Coco, please send an email to to arrange an initial virtual meet & greet with the pet’s foster parent or a staff member. They will reply to you within 24-48 hours.

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Eco, In Foster

Domestic Shorthair
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