Arlington’s Animal Control Officers are on call 24/7 to assist the community. If you are concerned about the welfare of an animal (inadequate shelter, neglect, abuse, etc.) please call the shelter at 703-931-9241.

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Barking Dogs

While all noise violations – including barking dogs – fall under the civil citation responsibility of Arlington County Code Enforcement, Animal Control Officers are now assisting in field response to ensure animal welfare, public safety, and peaceful conflict resolution.

Before reporting a dog barking in your community we ask that you consider the following alternatives:

  • Contact your neighbor directly and/or seek an alternative means of dispute resolution.
  • Residents living in development communities (condominiums, cooperatives, apartments, HOAs, etc.) should contact their property management agents and review their community agreements, which offer remedies for problems such as excess noise.
  • Consider contacting your homeowners association, neighborhood or civic association, or other community group to act as agents in resolving the conflict.

In order to enforce the Noise Control Ordinance, code enforcement inspectors and police officers must witness the violation. Some issues correct themselves before staff can witness them and cite a violation. As a part of this process Animal Control Officers are now completing a report regarding calls they receive and forwarding it on to Code Enforcement for their consideration for a civil citation. Click here to get more information from the Arlington County Government website.