Woody & Mickey Healthy Pet Fund

In 2003 Julie Gould and Percy Ivy established the Woody & Mickey Healthy Pet Fund. This fund gives the League extra resources when considering veterinary care for the animals staying with us. The shelter can now provide medical treatment that will make animals more adoptable. In 2016 the scope of the fund was expanded to include behavioral modification and enrichment thanks to a bequest from Jean McCoubrey.

You may make a donation to the Woody & Mickey Healthy Pet Fund by mail or phone or donate online, simply designate the Woody and Mickey Healthy Pet Fund on your form. For further information, please contact the Director of Development at donate@awla.org or (703) 931-9241 x220.

Read more about just a few of the animals that have been helped by the fund and learn more about the history of the Healthy Pet Fund.

Stray Kitten Finds Relief through Healthy Pet Fund

In July 2005 an adorable four-month-old kitten, rescued from West Virginia, was brought to the shelter. His front left leg was severely deformed and had no feeling, either from an injury or birth defect. Dr. de la Cruz of Caring Hands Animal Hospital determined that the best course of action was amputation. The loss of his leg didn’t slow him down a bit as he ran, jumped, snuggled and charmed everyone who met him. In August a shelter volunteer adopted him — he is thriving in his new, loving home.

Winkie’s Glaucoma Treated by Healthy Pet Fund

In October 2004 a good samaritan brought a stray beagle mix was brought into the shelter. Originally named Sydney by the shelter staff, she eventually came to be known as Winkie, due to a swollen right eye that was soon diagnosed as glaucoma. While she was not in any pain and was just as kissy and cuddly as she could be, Dr. Newman of Caring Hands Animal Hospital noted that the pressure was growing and that her eye could be in danger of rupturing. Dr. Newman offered enucleation, removal of the eye, at a reduced rate and the Healthy Pet Fund took care of the rest! Winkie went home with a loving family that very same month.

History of the Woody and Mickey Healthy Pet Fund

Woody and Mickey were best friends. They grew up with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Although they weren’t adopted from the League, they spent a lot of time there: they took many training classes together, became League pet therapy dogs, and walked in the League’s Walk for the Animals.

Woody was a Sheltie born in 1988, owned by Dr. Percy Ivy, and definitely the Alpha dog. He loved to run with Percy and helped her train for three Marine Corps Marathons. He walked in Fannie Mae’s very first Help the Homeless Walkathon in 1989 in Rock Creek Park when only several hundred people participated. Woody loved snowy winters and frolicking in his Arlington backyard with lots of snow on his nose.

A Sheltie born in 1990, Mickey loved to play. Owned by Julie Gould, she called him Bright Eyes because he had big, brown, bright and playful eyes and a personality to match. He loved to run and helped Julie train for many marathons too. With Woody, he walked for homeless people and animals every year. Julie named him Mickey Mouse because of his big ears and big heart.

Woody and Mickey were pet therapy dogs together at the League. They went to the nursing home on Carlin Springs Road in Arlington for many years to play with older folks and the disabled. Although riding the elevator was a little tricky, they loved starting out in the community room where it rained tasty doughnuts when they arrived.

During their long lives, they received excellent health care from Suburban Animal Hospital (Arlington) and VCA Veterinary Referral Associates (Gaithersburg). Julie and Percy started the Woody & Mickey Healthy Pet Fund to extend the League’s financial resources for the increasing cost of medical care. The idea is to help the animals get back on their feet again and be adopted sooner.

Woody and Mickey were truly best friends! Please consider honoring them by donating to the Healthy Pet Fund to make better lives for other animals.

–Julie Gould & Percy Ivy