Animal Control

Animal control officers are charged with the enforcement of all Virginia state and Arlington county laws pertaining to the welfare, care, and control of all domestic and wild animals. Animal control officers investigate all animal complaints including neglect and cruelty to animals. They also investigate animal bite complaints and implement and release domestic animal quarantines.

While the animal control officers are legally authorized to issue citations and take cases to court, the primary focus is on working with community residents to assist them in providing better care for their pets and observing the laws.


Animal control officers respond to animal emergencies in Arlington, Virginia, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If the League is closed, our answering service will page an officer to handle the emergency. Call 703-931-9241.

Animal Bites

If you or your pet have been bitten by a domestic animal or had physical contact with wildlife, please contact the animal control department immediately at 703-931-9241. An animal control officer will investigate the situation and implement any necessary measures as mandated by Virginia state and Arlington county law.

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