Volunteer Program

Did you know that the League was first started in 1944, by volunteers? We are still going strong 75 years later and rely on our volunteers as crucial components in amplifying the efforts of the League’s professional staff.

Our volunteers contribute valuable resources – time, knowledge, talent, skills, and leadership – that further infuse AWLA with energy and passion in service of our organizational mission: to improve the lives of animals.

Volunteer Program Requirements 

 All volunteers must be ages 16 or older.   Please note that initial teen volunteer assignments begin in areas that are not hands on with animals.  Teens in our volunteer program who volunteer regularly and follow established rules/protocols may be invited to train in other volunteer assignments that work hands on with the animals.

 All volunteers must meet the Essential Capabilities of AWLA Volunteers

 All volunteers must be willing to commit to 6 months of service and at least 4 hours per month (select assignments may require additional hours)

Volunteer at AWLA

To become a volunteer at AWLA we ask that all prospective volunteers watch/listen to our recorded Volunteer Info Session Prezi below.  At the end of the Info Session on the last slide, labeled “Next Steps”, you’ll see a clickable link to provide your information if you think our program is a good fit for you.  Please Note that the link on the “Next Steps” slide will only be clickable provided that you are accessing the Prezi from a computer (not a cellphone or an ipad).

 Volunteer Info Session Prezi(Click Here)

NOTE: Please access this Prezi through a computer, not a cellphone or an ipad.  Allow a few moments for the Prezi to load and make sure to have your speakers turned up so that you can hear the recorded information. You’ll need to click on the blue play button to start and hit the right arrow on your keyboard(or click on the right arrow to advance to the next screen).  

Court-Ordered Community Service

Please note that we do not accept court-ordered community service volunteers into our formal volunteer program. If you need hours for court ordered community service, please click here.