75 Years of Saving Lives

Written on January 23, 2019

On June 7, 1944 – the day after D-Day – a small group of local citizens led by Pearl and Paul Twyne and Mrs. Hugh Hanna incorporated the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Much has changed since the League’s inception in 1944, but the dedication to improve the lives of animals remains the same. In […]

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AWLA Staff’s ‘Spay-cation’ in Ecuador

Written on December 18, 2018

My name is Marnie Russ and I am the Kitten College Coordinator here at AWLA. Although neonatal kittens are my passion, helping all animals in need is what fills my soul. This year, Thanksgiving took on a new meaning for me and our shelter veterinarian, Dr. Matt Galati. We volunteered to participate in a ‘spay-cation’ […]

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December Blog: 1,000th Kitten Arrives at AWLA

Written on December 4, 2018

It was March 20, 2018 – the first day of spring and the unofficial start of kitten season – and local meteorologists were abuzz: DC was expecting to get one of the heaviest, latest March snowstorms on record, with forecasts ranging from 8 to 12 inches of snow. At AWLA, Kitten College Coordinator Marnie Russ […]

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November Blog: Celebrate Animal Welfare Week with CFC

Written on November 2, 2018

November is here and with it comes the official start of the holiday giving season, otherwise known as the busiest time of year for nonprofits. For many organizations, including AWLA, the critical funds needed to operate throughout an entire year will come during the next two months. Every donation helps, and we’re especially grateful that […]

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Helping Pets Affected by Hurricane Florence

Written on October 2, 2018

Another year, another devastating natural disaster. This time, a hurricane right in our backyard. Hurricane Florence smashed into North Carolina on September 14th, leaving a trail of wide-scale destruction. At least 48 deaths were attributed to the storm, which caused an estimated $38 billion dollars of damage, making it the sixth costliest hurricane in US […]

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Loving Shelters Dogs Into New Lives

Written on August 23, 2018

Last week, The New York Times published an Op-Ed piece titled, “Are We Loving Shelter Dogs To Death,” which criticizes adoption events like ‘Clear the Shelters’ and argues that shelters aren’t doing enough to address community issues. It also details the heartbreaking story of Valerie, a dog that was adopted from a shelter in Los […]

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New FIV Adoption Policy and AWLA’s Culture of Improvement

Written on July 12, 2018

At the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, one of our core values is progressiveness: we strive to always be on the leading edge of animal care through continual improvement. The animal sheltering landscape is constantly changing and evolving through new research, upgraded best practices, and improved philosophies, and a key tenet of our organization is […]

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Setting Up your Pet for Success: How To Find the Right Pet Sitter

Written on April 24, 2018

by Jennifer Toussaint, Chief of Animal Control Choosing someone to care for your pet in your absence is a big decision. Making an educated, and well-thought-out choice, is key to ensuring that your beloved family member will be cared for appropriately and safely until you return. Unfortunately, in my line of work, I have seen […]

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How Fostering Can Change a Life

Written on April 16, 2018

Animal sheltering has come a long way. No longer had a depressing place to visit, progressive shelters are now a resource to communities and animals. They are a temporary stop for a pet before finding a new family member. While shelters like AWLA do everything possible to create a happy and healthy environment, we also […]

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Don’t Let Them Be Misunderstood

Written on April 4, 2018

In case you haven’t been introduced, meet Remy – a calm, friendly senior pup who loves belly rubs and going for long, leisurely walks. Remy may look like a muscle man, but he’s a total softie. He enjoys napping, fetch, eating treats, cuddling, napping, napping (did I mention napping?), and participating in doggie play group […]

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